Graphic design and Illustration projects

Illustrations and graphic design made by me that have featured in magazines, web-zines, homepages or as posters/flyers and CD-covers.


Graphic cover art for physical and digital releases

"Euro-stern", single digital track by DATAPOP (2016) DATAPOP on SoundCloud

 "Retrosonic Voices" CD album by DATAMASKIN (2015) DATAMASKIN on SoundCloud

 Various digital single tracks by FROHM (2015) FROHM on Bandcamp

CD-cover for international compilation album 2012

I designed the cover art on this compilaton CD. The album consist of 2 CD's with 30 artists from all over the world.

 Photo: Massimo Giunta 

More info on Poponaut


"Resurrected" CD- album for AvantGarde (2011)

AvantGarde on Facebook


CD-cover for a compliation album

During the spring of 2010 I initiated the release of a tribute album to Page, one of the first electronic pop bands from Sweden, to celebrate their 30Th anniversary. I invited various Swedish synth pop bands to do cover versions of their favorite Page song. In the end, 17 bands participated, some of them doing more than one song. In total there were 22 songs, so the record had to be a double disc CD, in order to have room for them all. I did all the graphic design and managed the whole process, from start to finish. The CD was released in June 2010 (in 500 copies) and I have sold records to fans from Sweden, Norway, Finland Russia, Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece, UK, Ireland, USA and Australia.

 More info can be found on and you can get your copy at the offical store


Logos, banners, flyers and posters

 Animated banner for Electro Schock Records


Logo and animated banner for ElektroSkull website 2011

ElektroSkull home page

Flyer for Synthpop/New romantic club Memorobilia 2010

Guidelines: 80:ies, New Romantics, Posh


Flyers/posters illustrations for Club UltraFoxx

Guidelines: modernist, female, electronic, black, white and red.


Car illustrations for magazines

Winning proposal for Swedish Auto Motor & Sports "Design a new small Volvo" competition

I was asked to design a new small Volvo by leading Swedish car magazine Auto Motor & Sport, as one of three designers. The online voting on the home page of this magazine named my proposal the winner.

A full story on this was published in magazine issue # 3, 2013.


Retro/futuristic Saab-proposal for Ny Teknik/Saabs United

I was asked to do a new version of my Saab 9-2 Retro (see below) for the leading engineering/technology newspaper in Sweden, Ny Teknik, who in their turn was asked by Saabs United - a fan site dedicated to the Saab brand. My new version is a mix between the styling of the old Saab 96 and the modern design of the Saab 9-X BioHybrid.

The article in which it features was be published on Feb 17th, 2010 (note: in red body colour). It also features on Saabs United homepage.

Ny Teknik

Saabs United


Saab EV2


As the Saab - Koenigsegg deal was under way, I was asked by the newspaper Metro to do a design rendering of a "Saab by Koenigsegg" - supercar. This was published in the Gothenburg edition 090827.

 Click to open PDF, then go to page 21 to see article


Koenigsegg Speedboat


I got inspired to do a photoshop rendering of a speed boat based on the Koenigsegg sportscar. This image (in another color scheme) then featured at Teknikens Värld's homepage.

 Click here to see the article


Police car-competition

The web page of Swedish car magazine Teknikens Värld held a photoshop-competition, where the partricipants were asked to do their dream police car. I did eight different versions and managed to win (with the Koenigsegg), as well as getting the third place (with the Maybach).


(Based on the car-configurator application on Koenigseggs homepage)

(Based on photo taken by me @ Geneva Motor Show 2006)