Johan Wejedal Design

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The Quark, an electric track day car (designed by Johan Wejedal Design).


Key features in the “Quark” project are simplicity, low weight, modularity, eco friendliness and FUN! As the name suggest, the car is reduced down to the basics and is in that respect more like a motorbike than a car. A lot of effort has gone into making the design as feasible as possible, even down to how it would be assembled in reality. The car run on electricity with four wheel drive (one electric motor for each axle). The “tub” and chassis are a single unit made of carbon fibre. Battery stacks are placed in the central tunnel and in a compartment behind the seats. The car have a rather large boot, making it somewhat practical. As shown in the video there are several different styling and accessory option. Software used in this project: Alias AutoStudio (design and modelling), VRED (animation and materials) After Effects (movie compositing).



"Crabot" - Autonomous multi prupose industrial robot concept.

Inspired by small 6-legged robots and crabs, the "Crabot" is a multi purpose autonomous robot. It is designed to do things like rescue operations in areas hit by earthquakes or other dangerous tasks. Thanks to its six legs it can manouver in any terrain and have a very light foot print, compared to tracked excavators. The "Crabot" is teamed up with a small reconnaissance drone that is equipped with stereoscopic videocameras, IR-cameras and ground penetrating radar.
Software used in this project: Alias AutoStudio (design and modelling), 3D Studio Max (animation), MOI (surface ID), Blender (UVW-mapping), Substance Paint (materials) V-Ray (rendering), After Effects (movie compositing).

(Disclaimer: As ABB is one of the leading brands within industrial robotics, I put their logo on this concept to make it look real. This project has nothing to to with ABB).



Short animation "Mission: Andromeda"

Animation made in 3D S Max, rendered in Corona.

3D modelling and visualization: Bride Racing seat

Bride racing seat modelled after existing blueprints in Alias AutoStudio and rendered in 3D Studio Max using V-ray (red seat) or VRED (dark turqoise seats).

Stratos Zero

Bertone's iconic "Stratos Zero" recreated after a studio photograph using 3D Studio Max and Photoshop.

3D modelling and visualizations made in 3D Studio Max

  • Apples
  • Comical figures based on Futurama characters
    Comical figures based on Futurama characters
  • Sport plane
    Sport plane
  • 1:43 scale models of "Terrafugia"
    1:43 scale models of "Terrafugia"
  • "Terrafugia" interior
    "Terrafugia" interior

Audi RSR3 for GT Racing

Photoshop visualization of GT Racing's project car, the "Audi RSR3". (100% rendered in Photoshop - original photo of an Audi A3 had too low resolution to be useful).
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Various sketches

Slideshow: glass items designed and rendered in Alias AutoStudio