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Welcome to the Johan Wejedal Design home page!

At this site you will find various design and illustration projects made by Johan Wejedal Design (see examples above).

Johan Wejedal Design is located to central Gothenburg, Sweden.

Johan Wejedal Design offer you help with:

  • Industrial design
  • Product design
  • Transportation design / Vehicle design
  • Concept design
  • Concept illustrations
  • Renderings
  • Sketches
  • 3D-modelling for renders and physical models (3D-print files, presentation images etc)
  • Graphic design (like posters, flyers, CD-covers, logos, folders), etc.

Johan Wejedal Design har F-skatt /has tax card for self employment.

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Electronically Yours

Johan Wejedal

Transportation Design MA / Industrial Design BA

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Bilsport # 3 and 4 and: Rendering of the Audi GTRS3

MotorMagazinet #2: Rendering of the Audi GTRS3


Recharge, Interview (in Swedish) at Recharge about the future of electric cars: Recharge

Uusi Soumi, Article (in Finnish) about the "Kaab 99L" at Finnish newspaper Uusi Soumi

 "Kaab 99L" feature in "The 10 best Saab concepts that never were produced": 10 best Saab Concepts

Saabplanet.com Article (in English) about the "Kaab 99L": Saabplanet


Kommunextra writes about the Arrow Kommunextra

 Auto Motor & Sport, Swedish issue #3, article about my winning proposal in a "design the next Volvo"-competition held by this magazine.


 Auto Motor & Sport, web edition 2012-09-13: design critic on VW Golf VII Auto Motor & Sport


Auto Motor & Sport, Swedish issue #11: Writer/car design critic.

Tuvie.com May 2011: Futuristic glass vases Tuvie

DealShell.com, May 2011: Futuristic glass vases DealShell

En Derin.com May 2011: Futuristic glass vases En Derin

Tektion.com May 2011: Futuristic glass vases Tektion

NGanu.com June 2011: Futuristic glass vases NGanu

Dreamship.cn 2011: Futuristic glass vases Dreamship

Saabblog.net: Design proposal for a future Retro-Saab (in German) Saabblog.net



Auto Motor & Sport: Swedish issues # 4 & 7: design concept illustrations.

Ny Teknik Feb 17Th 2010: "Retro-Saab of the future"

Affärsvärlden Feb 17Th 2010: "Retro-Saab of the future" Aff?rsv?rlden

Saabs United, Feb 17Th 2010: Various futuristic Saab designs Saabs United

El Acelerador: Feb 23rd 2010: Saab sketches, propuestas de Johan Wejedal.El Acelerador

Marioso.com: Various futuristic Saab designs (from Saabs United) Marioso

Metro (Gothenburg edition): February 18th 2010: "Retro-Saab of the future"

SAABlog Feb 17Th 2010: "Retro-Saab of the future"  SAABlog



Metro August 27 2009 (Gothenburg edition):Design concept illustration "Saab by Koenigsegg"

Ena Habo Tidningen September 2009 Design concept illustration "Saab by Koenigsegg" EnaHabo Tidningen

Båtliv (Norway) #9 2009: Sportbilerne sjösättes B?tliv

Teknikens Värld homepage (see links on "Illustration projects")


2006 >2008 

Auto & Design # 162: Review on my master degree work

Form (Swedish design magazine) #4 2006: Review/interview about my Master Degree Thesis

Cardesignnews.com: Review on my Master Degree Thesis CDN

Metro August 22th 2006: (Gothenburg/Stockholm edition): review/interview about of my master degree work

Seilas: "Koenigsegg Speedboat" Selias

Båtliv: "Koenigsegg Speedboat" B?tliv

Verdens Gang: "Koenigsegg Speedboat" Verdens Gang

3d3d.cn June 2006: Review on my Master Degree Thesis 3d3d