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Own creative projects

Here is a sample of work that have been done just for fun, for training and for maintaining skills, sorted under the following titles: Photoshopped cars, Photoshop car renderings,Glass design made in 3D and CD Cover art.

Photoshopped cars

"Volvo G40"

I been wondering for a very long time why Volvo never bothered to do a proper match for the VW Golf. The C30 was 2-door only and kind of small and the current V40 is way too cramped in the rear seat and the boot to fit a family with kids. With this in mind I "wrapped" the current Golf in the shapes from the latest Volvo concept and it worked out quite well, didn't it?

 Porsche Panamera GT3 RS

This is what would happen if Porsche's inhouse tuning department went nuts with the new Panamera


"Opel Manta GTC" - a European "Corvette"!

What if GM let Opel have a go at the current Corvette? Well, it might look like this. I used the styling from the really cool Opel Monza Concept and the proportions from a Corvette (the lines of these cars worked extremely well together!) to create a European iteration of the US classic. Result: the Opel Manta GTC!


"KAAB 99 L"

When I saw the first production ready Koenigsegg CC at Paris Motorshow in 2000, I immediately thought there was something quite "Saabish" about it. Maybe it was something with the proportions, maybe the curved windsheild, or perhaps a mix of a lot of things. Anyway, since that day, I always wanted to see the Saab 99 design mixed with the Koenigseggs proportions - and here it is! The "KAAB 99 L"!


"Renault Grand Espace"

I liked the orignal idea with the Espace and I think the new one lost very much of that by going "cool and trendy" instead of "smart and elegant". It's not really an Espace anymore, rather an Anti-Espace - big but not very roomy. However, I liked the shapes and surfaces and therefore I had to try the new shapes on the old package - was it really impossible to do a smart AND cool Espace? No!


1970's Vs the present or "back to the Future"

This project was an attempt to re-design current front engined sports cars (with classic 60's propotions) as if they were mid engined with the proportions of the 70's wedge era. Here are the two most successful designs: The Maserati Bora GT and The Mercedes AMG C-111.


Saab vs Porsche

This project was inspired by my car design tutor at Umeå Institute of Design, Tony Catignani (himself a former Saab designer), who used to say he liked to think of Saab as a kind of Swedish Porsche. I always thought about that and with that in mind I made this mash up of a Saab 900 Aero (SPG for you Americans) with the proportions borrowed from a classic Porsche 911 Turbo (930-series). I call the result the Saab 9-11 (as in "9-3") Turbo Aero. After I was finished with the "Saab 9-11", I had a vision - what would a similar mash up between the proportions of a Porsche 928 and the bodywork of a Saab 9000 Turbo be like? Quite cool, it turned out ("Saab 9028 Sonett").

The "9-11" had a huge success on various Saab fan-sites on Facebook.

 Tesla Model C

My proposal for a entry level Tesla to compete with the Nissan Leaf as well as the electric VW Golf and Ford Focus, made in four different body styles. I used a photo of Model S as "donor".

 Peugeot 208 Remix

 I really like the general proportions of the original Peugeot 208. However there are a few things I like to change, so I made this proposal in Photoshop:

 > At the front end, I have made the grille wider and the head lights more simplified, for a cleaner and stronger look (the original grille is way to narrow and the headlights to messy).

> I added the classic air intakes on the hood, as seen on the 205 & 206, as well as a blacked out mask to give the interplay between windscreen and hood more drama.

> I tried to make the crease line and surfaces on the side panels/door more taut, to make the car feel more strong. I also remade the small rear side window, with more tension in the lines.

> I added black fenders to enhance the wheels better.

> I added a blacked out bumper to break up the massive back end and softened up the crease between side panel and back end.

 Peugeot 308 & 308 SW Remix

 As far as I know, the new 308 and the 308 SW are very good cars indeed. However, in their struggle to mimic the VW Golf, Peugeot 308 have lost all French flair and uniqueness - and that was why I liked the Peugeot brand in the first place! What to do? A French "remix" of course! Vive la France!


Volvo V80 CC

My favorite subject: the Volvo MPV. Why doesn't this exist? Volvo used to be all about family values, care and smartness, so I think there should be a place for a car like this in the Volvo lineup. Target consumers: those who need 7 seats but doesn't want a SUV

Volvo XPV

A hybrid of a coupe, a SUV and an MPV.

What if Volvo didn't play it safe, stylingwise?
Main ideas: new architecture for Volvo, roominess, good visability, boldness and futurism.

Image based on the XC Coupe Concept.

Volvo X40 CC

What if Volvo made a mid market crossover MPV of the 40-series?

VW Golf 8

A bold mix between the Golf and the Beetle. This rendering technique is a mix between photo manipulation and free hand sketching. 

BMW X6 Pickup

I think the new X6 (as its predecessor) looks a bit out of proportion. Just for fun I tried a pickup-look and it suddenly made much more sense...

Saab PhoeniX 'Johan Wejedal Edition'

 A quick Photoshop-job. I do admire Jason Castriotas work in general, but I found some features and proportions on the original of this particular car a bit strange and even un-Saabish, so tried to fix that...

Rolls Royce yacht

An exploration of how Rolls Royce's current design-DNA would work in a maritime setting.


Range Rover Evoque Cabriolet concept

This proposal was made by me 2010-09-22, almost 1½ years before Land Rover's own concept was shown (!).The real car was launched 2015-11-09!


 More photoshopped cars can be found here at this link.


Photoshop car renderings


Electric GT

Image based on scanned thumbnail sketch. Idea: to make a modern interpretation of the classic European 70's futurist GT coupe concepts in the tradtion of Betrone, Ital Design and Pininfarina.

Futurist electric compact city car

Image based on scanned thumbnail sketch. Idea: to do a modern take on the bio-design of the early 90's and move away from the current trend of conservative looking cars with long hoods, big classic grille, lots of pointless crease lines and small DLO's.

Renault V:Space

Lot of focus was put into creating a really shiny and reflective feel on the body surface. The car is supposed to be a small sporty familycar with fuelcell drive.

Homage to BMW i-series

I'm a huge fan of BMW's new futurist sub-brand BMW-i, so I made this as a tribute. It's a kind of combination between the styles of the i3, the i8 and the ConnectedDrive concept.

Truck rendering

A Scania supertruck of the near future, made partly on a Wacom Cintiq screen and partly using a Wacom Sapphire. Aerodynamics and a sporty attitude were main objectives.


Glass design made in 3D

Various glass items made in Alias

Sprial glass vase.


"Sci-fi vase" for flowers of multiple lenghts


Drop shaped glass jug.


Kraftwerk inspired neonsign

The legendary German electronic band Kraftwerk used to have this kind of neonsign autographs standing in front of them at their concerts in the 70ties and 80ties, so I thought it would be fun to do one of my own!

CD cover art

Below: a collection of CD-covers I made for my MP3-collections and some I made as proposals to artists I'm acquainted with (please note: low resolution).

The Mobile Homes CD-R was made in eight copies, four of which was handed to the band during an interview I made for .

Cover for a Marsheaux compilation.

I compiled all songs by the Greek electronic band Marsheaux that (at this time) wasn't on any of their studio albums on a home made CD-R. The band loved the idea and the design. I later sent them a copy each.