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At this home page you will find a resume (below), various design and illustration projects. Johan Wejedal Design is located to central Gothenburg, Sweden.

Johan Wejedal Design offer you help with:

  • Industrial design
  • Product design
  • Transportation design
  • Vehicle design
  • Concept design
  • Concept illustrations
  • Renderings
  • Sketches
  • 3D-modelling for renders and physical models (3D-print files etc)
  • Graphic design (like posters, flyers, CD-covers, logos, folders), etc.

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Ume? institute of Design



Curriculum Vitae


2004-2006: Master degree Transportation Design 80 credits, Institute of Design, University of Ume�, Sweden. Thesis project was done in collaboration with AB Volvo/Volvo 3P.

2001-2004: Bachelors degree in Industrial Design 120 credits, Institute of Design, University of Ume�, Sweden. Thesis project was done in collaboration with Nokia Mobile Phones LTD.

2000-2001: Basic industrial design education (FIDU), H�llefors, Sweden

1999-2000: Basic artistic education, Paletten Art School, Stockholm, Sweden

1997-1999: Image and form, Folk High School of Kyrkerud, Sweden

1995-1996: AMU-courses + 1 term at TBV Art school, Gothenburg, Sweden

1994: English A-course 20 credits, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

1992-1993: Art history 40 credits, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

1989-1992: Program of society sciences, aesthetic variant, Birger Sj�berg's upper secondary school, V�nersborg, Sweden


2013: Vehicle Designer and Digital 3D-modeller for CARVIA (previously SUVAB), designing a small electric truck. Work was mainly done using Alias and Photoshop and included building and designing a complete 3D-model with chassis, drive train, suspension, etc as well as designing the entire bodywork and interior. Working prototypes exist and the vehicle is about to be launched on the market in 2017 under the name Carvia Pro4.

2007-2008: Alias Modeller/Digital Sculptor at GME Design (Opel/Saab), R�sselsheim, Germany. Employed by Trondesign (in Kassel, Germany). Working with alloy wheels and logos for Opel Astra.

2004: Industrial designer, Sommardesignkontoret (Summer design office), Br�cke, Sweden. Various design projects in collaboration with the local wood industry.


Design projects and assignments as Free Lance Designer

2017: Concept illustration of racecar tuning project for Drivledens Bildelar AB. Due to the low resolution of the original image intended to be used as a basis for the tuning, the car in the picture was rendered completely all over again from scratch, by hand, in a new high resolution Photoshop document. The result was beyond the customer's expectation, and in addition, corresponded precisely to their vision. The image will feature in a Swedish motor magazine.

2017: Concept illustration of electric boat project for Caresto. 3D sketch model of boat was rendered by hand in Photoshop to a ready-made presentation image showing the boat at speed in the right environment.

2017: Concept illustration of Luxury Cabriolet project for Caresto. Side view image of a four door luxury car was converted into a two-door cabriolet in Photoshop.

2017: Layout of CD cover for the debut album of techno band Tegel. https://tictail.com/s/stereoklang/tegel-science

2017: Free lance transportation/industrial designer in the development of a series of flatbed accessories for pick up trucks in collaboration with Caresto.

2016-2017: Free lance transportation designer and 3D-modeler in the development of a small electric commuter vehicle for new markets in a collaboration between Caresto and New Phase Solutions.

2016: Commissioned to do several concept design illustrations for Caresto's future custom car projects.

2015-2016: Design research and concept development work in collaboration with a freelance inventor for Volvo Cars AB. My role was to develop a solution to a problem the inventor had found regarding access/egress of the cars, using an industrial designers approach. The solutions I came up with was considered fully realistic by Volvos experts, the only issue was a slightly higher price tag.

2015-2016: Freelance jobs for the vehicle specialist company Caresto on a one off custom car (the "Arkham car" Batmobile from the video game "Arkham Knight") partly based on a Lamborghini. My assignment was to design and model the wheels and to create CAD data for milling and to do renderings of the whole car using Alias AutoStudio and Photoshop. I also did a drawing underlay for racing decals.

2015: Concept product design and mood boards for Azuma/EarthLife, a health and lifestyle project.

2014: Concept designer. Responsible for creating various design concepts of a reworked outdoor wooden decking for the summer house of renowned gallerist Marina Schiptjenko. The concept images was used as guidelines for the carpenters. The end result was finished in August 2014 and was very close to my original design.

2014: Icon design for Alleato's smart homes app.

2014: Photo retouch work for presentation images of the EMPV electric delivery truck (see more below) made by SUVAB.

2014: Writer of four web articles with design theme for Auto Motor & Sport in collaboration with Mazda Sweden. 

2011-2013: From January 2011 onwards: industrial and transportation designer/concept illustrator/3D modeller in the development of a whole series of electric vehicles as well as other products for ReDian AB and SUVAB.  One of the cars, the Arrow sports car made its public debut as prototype at Sportbilsdagen in V?stervik 2013-08-17 and was also shown at Halmstad Sports Car Event 2014-07-19.

2013: Occasional Concept design illustrator for leading Swedish car magazine Auto Motor & Sport.

2012: Graphic designer for the artwork of an international pop music compilation 2xCD. Release: 12-08-24

2011: August ? October-11: Concept design consultant re-designing parts on a forthcoming camera by Hasselblad AB. I made about 20-30 different photo realistic concepts in Photoshop.

2011: Occasional writer/expert car design critic for leading Swedish car magazine Auto Motor & Sport.

2011: Graphic designer for the cover of synth pop band AvantGardes comeback CD.

2010: Industrial designer, 3D modeller, colour and trim designer and graphic designer in the development of a series of baby carriages and strollers for Lalabi.

2010: Commissioned to create design illustrations for Ny Teknik and Auto Motor & Sport.

2010: Graphic designer, project leader, producer, project coordinator, manager and initiator of the release of a cover compilation 2xCD to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Page (the first Swedish synth pop band). The CD contains contributions from 17 Swedish synth pop bands. The project was funded by pre orders. The CD has so far been sold to fans in over 10 countries all over the world.

2010: Started own business in March 2010, within design and concept illustration.

2009: Graphic designer doing posters and flyers for various music events in Stockholm.


Computer skills 

I am an advanced computer user and have owned computers since 1994. I mainly use PC, but I have no problems using Mac. I have experience in the following software:

MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) 20 years, Windows movie maker.

Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop 20 years, advanced user, Illustrator 20 years, InDesign 15 years, Premier 1 year. Adobe Acrobat.

Alias Auto Studio: 13 years, advanced user with experience of Class A surfacing.

Various sound and video converter programs, winRAR, winZIP.

Excellent skills of general computer use.

Some experience in: Maya, Opticore Opus Realizer, Macromedia Flash, ProEngineer, Audacity, etc.

I easily learn new software.

I have solid experience in using scanners, Wacom boards (i.e Sapphire, Intuos and Cintiq), printers and other hardware. I feel at home on the internet and using social media platforms.


Other skills 

General scale model making.

Experience in clay modelling (using car design clay)

Good sense of using the written word.

Enjoy giving presentations to many people in Swedish or English.

Experience in building exhibitions.

Experience as project leader.

Well accustomed to design thinking and the design process.



Extremely creative.



Ability to combine things in new and exciting ways.

Focused on the goal.

Determination to solve problems.

Ability to have lots of projects going at the same time.

Great sense of aesthetics.

Great general knowledge in most areas, such as science, nature, history, arts, cars etc.



Swedish (mother tongue)

English (fluent in both spoken and written)

German (basic knowledge and good understanding)




Hansi Kobes, ReDian AB/SUVAB, Str?msgatan 6, 59330 V?stervik, Tel. 0490-13560, 073-3014151

Leif Tufvesson, Caresto, Roderv?gen 14, 26294 ?ngelholm, Sweden, Tel +46 (0)431 23075



Recharge, Interview (in Swedish) at Recharge about the future of electric cars: Recharge

Uusi Soumi, Article (in Finnish) about the "Kaab 99L" at Finnish newspaper Uusi Soumi

 "Kaab 99L" feature in "The 10 best Saab concepts that never were produced": 10 best Saab Concepts

Saabplanet.com Article (in English) about the "Kaab 99L": Saabplanet


Kommunextra writes about the Arrow Kommunextra

 Auto Motor & Sport, Swedish issue #3, article about my winning proposal in a "design the next Volvo"-competition held by this magazine.


 Auto Motor & Sport, web edition 2012-09-13: design critic on VW Golf VII Auto Motor & Sport


Auto Motor & Sport, Swedish issue #11: Writer/car design critic.

Tuvie.com May 2011: Futuristic glass vases Tuvie

DealShell.com, May 2011: Futuristic glass vases DealShell

En Derin.com May 2011: Futuristic glass vases En Derin

Tektion.com May 2011: Futuristic glass vases Tektion

NGanu.com June 2011: Futuristic glass vases NGanu

Dreamship.cn 2011: Futuristic glass vases Dreamship

Saabblog.net: Design proposal for a future Retro-Saab (in German) Saabblog.net



Auto Motor & Sport: Swedish issues # 4 & 7: design concept illustrations.

Ny Teknik Feb 17Th 2010: "Retro-Saab of the future"

Aff?rsv?rlden Feb 17Th 2010: "Retro-Saab of the future" Aff?rsv?rlden

Saabs United, Feb 17Th 2010: Various futuristic Saab designs Saabs United

El Acelerador: Feb 23rd 2010: Saab sketches, propuestas de Johan Wejedal.El Acelerador

Marioso.com: Various futuristic Saab designs (from Saabs United) Marioso

Metro (Gothenburg edition): February 18th 2010: "Retro-Saab of the future"

SAABlog Feb 17Th 2010: "Retro-Saab of the future"  SAABlog



Metro August 27 2009 (Gothenburg edition):Design concept illustration "Saab by Koenigsegg"

Ena Habo Tidningen September 2009 Design concept illustration "Saab by Koenigsegg" EnaHabo Tidningen

B?tliv (Norway) #9 2009: Sportbilerne sj?s?ttes B?tliv

Teknikens V?rld homepage (see links on "Illustration projects")


2006 >2008 

Auto & Design # 162: Review on my master degree work

Form (Swedish design magazine) #4 2006: Review/interview about my Master Degree Thesis

Cardesignnews.com: Review on my Master Degree Thesis CDN

Metro August 22th 2006: (Gothenburg/Stockholm edition): review/interview about of my master degree work

Seilas: "Koenigsegg Speedboat" Selias

B?tliv: "Koenigsegg Speedboat" B?tliv

Verdens Gang: "Koenigsegg Speedboat" Verdens Gang

3d3d.cn June 2006: Review on my Master Degree Thesis 3d3d